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HuCog Lab

Welcome to the HuCog

The Human Cognition Lab (HuCog) hosts a variety of research projects focusing on higher cognitive functions. We are primarily interested in the investigation of cognitive mechanisms underlying the perception-actions links and cognitive control, as well as in the investigation of the psychological and neural mechanisms relevant to social behavior, including joint actions, emotion recognition and empathy. Additional research focuses on economic decision-making, human-machine and human-robot interactions. Our projects involve healthy population as well as patients with psychopathologies.


Methods and Facilities

Research at the HuCog is based on experimental psychology and combines novel behavioral approaches, brain imaging and mathematical modeling. Facilities include several PCs and high-resolution monitors for stimuli presentation and behavioral data recordings. They also include a 64-channel BrainAmp DC setup with ActiCaps for EEG recording, that can be used to study interactive situations, i.e. a EEG-Hyperscanning setup. The EEG chamber is equipped with different PCs and high-resolution monitors. We use BrainRecorder and BrainAnalyzer software from BrainProduct for the EEG data, and Presentation, Matlab and Eprime as stimulation systems.

Human Cognition (HuCog) Lab
via Fogliani 1, 42100 Reggio Emilia, ITALY
Tel: +39-0522-523260 Fax: +39-0522-523205